About Us

About Us

Welcome To Our J G Group

J G Group is a well established industrial conglomerate that serves a broad mix of private, public and social sector institutions. Founded in the year 1909, we have withstood the test of time and emerged victorious owing to our virtues, principles and values, which has been the guiding force leading us to uncharted territories with aplomb.

As of today, we operate across multiple verticals right from Import and export of commodities, Finance and Investments, Hospitality, Real Estate, Electrical and Electronics, Import and Export of Paper products and garment accessories, Chemical Imports & Sales, Agro based products to Manufacture of ferrous and non ferrous metals.

We have many significant milestones to our credit and memorable transformations through the years to new challenges and opportunities. We are family owned having established prolific operations in India, Dubai, Africa and Hong Kong.

History of J G Group

J G Group was formed in the year 1909 by Mr. Jethmul and Mr Genmul who are our Forefathers. General commodities were imported initially and it has greatly evolved ever since, with a global workforce in all its hierarchical levels. We have run for decades with significant milestones to our credit and underwent a memorable transformation when we extended our wings by adding the business of supplying goods to government-held sectors. Later on, we delved into the import of paper from various countries exclusively, in continuation with the import of its general commodities. Since then we have diversified into such the import and export of paper products, building materials, garments and garment accessories plus import and export management as well.

We have a strong business relationship with potential buyers in the field of import and export management and we provide seamless integration of end of end solutions. In other words, we ensure absolute reliability for our customers with services in a wholesome way upholding our legacy with absolute professionalism and hallmark in business services.

We added yet another feather to our cap by expanding to Project Finance, Real Estate, and Future Trading Commodities to clients. We evolved further around the year 2000 as we ventured into hospitality industry by starting Deccan Plaza. Deccan Plaza is a chain of luxury hotels under us. We then ventured into trading & manufacturing of Electrical products.