Imports / Export & Trading

J G Group is the parent company having many companies under its fold who are dealing in many branches of diversified products and services. The Group's core business is Import/Export and trading of various diversified products such as Paper & Paper products, Garment accessories, Electronics, etc. It lends its assistance in import and export of services in all stages of the process.

We deal in import/export and trading of the following

Paper and Paper Products

We are one of India's fastest growing companies that specialize in Import and Export of Paper and Paper products. We are involved in the import of paper and paper products from Indonesia’s leading paper manufacturer “Asia pulp and papers” and exporting them to other countries. Our product line include printing paper, art paper, print media paper, card boards, carbon papers, speciality papers etc.

Electrical and Electronic Products

We have been playing a leading role in providing eco-friendly & intelligent lighting solutions for all. We import and export Electrical and Electronic Products helping you turn your ideas into smart, performing and reliable solutions. We provide our clients with a wide range of choices through our product offerings.

Garment Accessories

We are one of the distinguished importers and exporters of garment accessories. We are into the supply of garment accessories such as Taffeta, Satin Ribbons, Thread spools, Zip fasteners to top leading garment exporters all over the world. Our range of products is made in compliance with the current market trends and clients preferences

Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals

We have extensive experience manufacturing a wide range of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Ingots from primary production to finishing operations. Our aim is to build long-term business relationships worldwide and in export markets, and we are happy to work together with each customer to provide them with customized raw materials suited specifically to their processes.


We are a renowned name in the import and export of industrial chemicals. We are strongly committed to being the one stop solution provider to customers. We source the chemicals from eminent principal suppliers from all over the world.

Agro Products

We export and import a wide assortment of products such as Spices, Nuts and dried fruit to several parts of the world such as Europe, USA, Middle East, Australia, Asian countries and so on. We have always make sure to meet the unique needs our client and provide them with the required supply of hygienically cleaned, packed and perfect products

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